Towards an increasingly optimised conversion rate…

Your digital and off-line marketing strategies must be designed to complement each other in order to attract, engage, convert and retain more and more customers.

The tools developed by OUICOM* allow you to steer your entire digital policy towards an ever more optimized conversion rate, through the resonance of all your digital channels.

Marketing digital
Analyse de vos contenus
Content Analysis

The analysis of existing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) content and tools in your digital ecosystem is an essential step to enable us to identify and implement appropriate optimization solutions.

Référencement (SEO, SEA)
Search Marketing (SEO,SEA)

Our SEM expertise allows you to increase the visibility of your website on the Web by optimizing your SEO & SEA. As a Google Partner, our SEM solutions are constantly at the forefront of new search applications. We recommend and propose to you a qualitative strategy of Netlinking.

Social média (SMO, SMA)
Social média (SMO, SMA)

Our valuation campaign strategies on social media aim to guarantee you the best ROI rate by increasing their impact on target audiences.

Marketing automation
Marketing automation

Our marketing automation solutions gather a series of dedicated actions and campaigns through the implementation of scenarios adapted to the user journey. For example, an optimization of landing pages, forms or call to actions present on your website in order to qualify, scorer, manage and feed leads.

We set up your emailing and sms marketing campaigns from creation to routing.

Our Data Mining enable you to optimise your segmentation policies by configuring and monitoring RFO (Open Frequency Recency) and RFC (Click Frequency Recency) scorings, as well as configuring and monitoring Marketing and Behavioural pressure aggregates.

Our data analyses offer the possibility of changing your strategies by selecting and historizing the segments to be analyzed. Monitoring their evolution over time, with regular access to statistics, reporting and performance comparison, facilitate the implementation of your Cross-Channel marketing campaigns.

Data analytics
Data analytics
We carry out an analysis and monitoring of your KPI (Key performance indicators) by collecting concrete and quantified data in compliance with GDPR legislation and e-privacy regulations.

Our Data Analytics defines all the tools for decrypting and analyzing consumer habits to optimize your e-marketing campaigns.

Interactive and collaborative dashboards are available for real-time marketing monitoring by your teams.

Tracking marketing campaign
Tracking marketing campaign
We implement Tracking tools, such as UTM or Tags to collect data on the user journey, to better define, evaluate and optimize the acquisition channels and the achievement of conversion objectives.
A/B Testing
A/B Testing
The A/B Testing is a “test” experiment conducted on campaigns or pages of your website with a panel of typical users. This procedure measures the impact of a change in the version of a variable on the achievement of an objective to optimize the distribution of your content.

Our recommendations are based on rigorous impact studies.

Tracking marketing campaign
Customer Relationship Management

Our digital ecosystems are thought and designed to interact optimally and intuitively with your customer relationship management strategy. The integration of your CRM tools into your digital ecosystem allows you to manage, organize and analyze your customer data, with more flexibility in order to retain your customers or to energize and convert leads to your prospects in the most efficient way.


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