OUICOM* has implemented a CSR policy since its first year of existence, focusing on three specific areas: respect for the environment, equal opportunities and citizen engagement.

The founding shareholder is the custodian of this policy and is committed to training all current and future employees.


OUICOM* is committed to prioritizing, within the framework of the specifications of its clients’ briefs and the quality requirement that is required, the most environmentally friendly solutions, in particular in the following areas:

1/ Energy consumption: any solution offering the same guarantees of quality and services and less energy consuming in the agency’s favor. For example, systems and servers that use less energy or recycle the heat generated are preferred.

2/ Transport: the agency’s employees limit the most polluting journeys and, whenever possible, give priority to public transport, shared vehicles and the cycle. Telework is also accepted by the company when it does not disrupt the smooth running of current projects.

3/ Use of paper: the use of paper, copies are limited to their strict minimum; the double-sided, black & white copy are always privileged. Internal recycling is systematic for the following items: paper and cardboard, glass, batteries, hardware, printer cartridges (non-exhaustive list), aluminum coffee capsules (Nespresso). For its printing work, OUICOM* gives priority to suppliers with recognised responsible Eco efforts (See Imprim’ Vert label)

4/ Choice of offices: During its future moves, OUICOM* will upgrade the buildings offering good insulation of the premises, a mode of heating as efficient as possible in energy and CO2 emission, optimization of the lighting, etc.


OUICOM* is committed to promoting equal opportunities and treating with dignity every person working in the company regardless of their difference (see below). In particular, OUICOM* seeks to reflect the composition of the French society at the time of hiring when two candidates reflect the same competencies.

1/ Equality between Men and Women is at the heart of the project, whether it is at the time of hiring, the determination of the salary and the evolution of it, the advancement and access to the training of its employees; in addition, OUICOM* is committed to respecting schedules “normal” in particular for meetings, in order to meet the requirements of parenthood and family life. As far as possible, the Man/Woman balance within his management and his employees will be respected.

2/ Equal opportunities: OUICOM* respects the diversity of cultures, identities, opinions, religions, sexual orientations and career or life paths of its current and future employees. In terms of religion, however, OUICOM* excludes any ostentatious sign (cross, kippa, veil, etc.). OUICOM* thus exclusively values the professional assets of the person. The same applies to persons with disabilities, and will adapt the professional environment if necessary to guarantee the fulfilment of tasks.

3/ Equality in terms of age: OUICOM* does not discriminate against the age of its employees, whether young or old, as professional competence is once again the only criterion in in the choice of its employees.

4/ On the other hand, all employees are asked to treat their peers, subordinates or superiors with dignity: this implies taking care to have a respectful attitude towards each other, and to respect the simple rules of secularism (no ostentatious sign of belonging to a specific political party, religion or community).


OUICOM* has no commitment on its behalf at this time. On the other hand, some of its employees are involved in public utility programs (via NGOs, schools, etc.); OUICOM* values these commitments and allows its employees to adjust their time to respond correctly to specific field actions.



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